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10 Travel Apps That You Must Have While Travelling


Traveling during a strange city or country haunts many folks owing to the unusualness factor; a number of you’re taking it as a surprise and revel in it while others find themselves blind by confusion. From the view point of travelers, I have made a list of 10 travel apps , which are free and they won’t allow you to be in any kind of problem. so whether you’re looking for surprises or you go blind with confusion; you’ll find these prime 10 free travel apps terribly useful. Here we have a tendency to go:

No#1: Evernote

Evernote can manage all of your notes, documents, web pages and e-mails, important and confidential messages and other official and personal stuffs like that. you can set all your information among all your various gadgets including your laptop, mobile phone or even in your tablets etc. A business person who spends quarter of his year traveling needs Evernote desperately.

Works with: iOS, Android, Windows Operating System, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and even supports various web bowsers

No#2: Google Translate

Google translate will be your tongue abroad that can speak in additional than fifty seven languages. Your ever gift translator needs you to write down the sentence and it’ll translate it to any other language that you simply perceive.

Works with: iPhone, iPod, iPad

No#3: Waze

Waze can make you to drive easily and help at unknown places. This app utilizes your GPS purpose and guides you regarding short routes to any destination, traffic jams and even police checking posts and places.

Works with: Nokia , iPhone, BlackBerry, Android

No#4: iCarPark

Are you habitual of forgetting your lot location? iCarPark allows you to avoid wasting time to track the exact location of your vehicle and it keeps on trailing your path. Once you wish to get back to your car, it’ll offer you a straightforward map with directions straight towards your car.

Works with: iPhone

No#5: XE Currency

XE currency allows you to see the exchange rate of over 180+ currencies. You will also get daily updates regarding the news of currency exchange rates. you can get emails concerning topics and news that interests you most from XE currency.

Works with: IOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone

No#6: Taxi Magic

Taxi magic can land you a taxi instantly, all you got to do is faucet your phone three times and here comes all the near taxis. you can pay through this app by registering your credit card. you’ll receive confirmation email containing your receipt at the tip of the ride.

Works with: iPhone

No#7: hotel Tonight

Hotel tonight can be a savior if you would like to hire a space at the last moment. although it doesn’t cover an outsized space, hotel tonight post all rates that are out there for the night.

Works with: iPhone, Android

No#8: Urbanspoon

Urbanspoon can get you all near feeding out spots in an interesting manner. you’ll shake your device and the answer are going to be there during a slot machine like screen; scroll up and down to see your choices. For locating various restaurants of your choice, it will use the GPS facility of your phone. This app works best in United States of America, Australia, Canada and UK.

Works with: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry

No#9: Photosynth

Photosynth can build your pictures in a panoramic style; it’ll stitch your image “end to end” to provide it a 360-degree look. an excellent app indeed as traveling and photography go hand in hand.

Works with: iOS, Android

No#10: Jetsetter

Jetsetter could be a free app but it needs invite (meaning you can have it on condition that you are invited by a user). Jetsetter brings wonderful hotel deals with all types of hotel listed within the app. you furthermore might get to visualize some awesome professional pictures of exotic places.


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