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5 things to do in Agra at your TajMahal trip


5 things to do in Agra at your Taj Mahal trip

1–Visit TAJ MAHAl

Your main reason for travelling in Agra can be seen TAJ MAHAL. This built in emperor shah jahan in memory of his most lovely wife mumtaz mahal, apart from this factor this monument is made of white stone. And this building is one of the 7 wonders of the world, this building is considered to be the jewel of Muslim art.

5 things to do in Agra at your TajMahal trip

5 things to do in Agra at your TajMahal trip

The biggest feature of this building is that it gets its beauty in the night to see its beauty.It was built by the emperor in memory of his mother Mumtaz. The Yamuna River is on the edge of this building. That beautifies its beauty. Taj Mahal is one of India’s most beautiful buildings, this building itself is very beautiful.This building attracts more than 2 crore pilgrims annually. The foreign travellers who are traveling are charged more than that of the Indians.And

2– Visit AGRA FORT

If seen, there are many places to roam in Agra but Agra Fort has a different place among them.It is situated just a short distance from Taj Mahal and it is also a very magnificent building.In this building there are four doors on four directions, which are the biggest specialty of this building. It was ready in the Hindu kingdom. But later it was inhabited by SikandarLodhi. It was prepared by Rajput. This building is only 2.5 km from the Taj Mahal. This building is built around 90 acres and there are many lush trees in this building that enhance the beauty of this building. There is a gate in which the rivers open. And I believe that this trip will be very fun for you, more perfect traveling you can hire Agra tour guide to assist you.


It is another grand place of Agra that falls on Mathura road and is famous for the name of Sikandara. To see this place first you will have to come to God Tavki in Agra and then from there you will have to go to Sikandara by bus. While going to Sikandara a gurudwara falls in the middle, there are also white stones. And after reaching Sikandara, you would like to see the tomb of Mariam. The biggest identify of this tomb is made by red stone. Small toddlers are seen in this tomb. It website may be helpful in selection of our Golden triangle tour 5 days by car also.


It is located on the side of Rambagh in Agra and when you come to see it, you will have Yamuna River. This building was also built by experts of arts.Looking at the beauty of this tomb; it seems that this is a second composition of Taj Mahal. It was also a Muslim king that the king’s girl had made it in memory of her mother looking at the beauty of this tomb; it seems that the tomb has been prepared by skilled craftsmen.

There are a lot of market in Agra, but those are the one from kinari market. The market is full of fun all the time. There is a pan shop in this market that leaves great. And in this market one gets a great variety… Together, the friends are very happy to travel to Agra.

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