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6 Tips for Successful Camping Trips in India


Bathed in the moonlight beneath a starry sky, breathing in the fresh air in the soothing silence with no urban civilization nearby! Camping, nowadays, is more of a necessary experience for all of us with a busy lifestyle. It’s a short-lived but a rich and nourishing escape from the hassles and responsibilities of daily work. India is a country which provides people with unbelievably exquisite places to go camping. Places like Ladakh, Rishikesh, Coorg, Spiti etc. are some of the sites where you can truly enjoy the tranquil nature at its best. Although as much fulfilling as a camping trip might be, it is crucial to plan it accordingly and take steps to ensure that all necessities are properly taken care of. We list 6 of the most important tips vital for experiencing a superb camping trip in India.travel blog site- travel news india

  1. Equipment

Always test your gear before the trip and make sure you’ve chosen your equipment according to the season, for instance, the sleeping bags. A light sleeping bag is appropriate for the warmer weather but not when the cold sets in. Check the items before actual use to see if everything is in proper order. Keeping additional items like ropes and duct tape can prove fruitful. Always purchase good quality gear instead of opting for less expensive one. A camp site is not the place where you want to just make do with what you have.

  1. Weather

Pay close attention to the weather updates of the area where you are going to camp. Indian weather varies from extremely hot to extremely cold in the northern parts but remains moderately hot or cold in the south. It’s always a good idea to pack waterproof materials to keep your camping gear dry in case of unexpected inclement weather. Be sure to read up about the area regarding fire bans and related information.

  1. Preparing

Needless to say, always be prepared. Having an emergency kit is of paramount importance during camping. This should include the most essential items you might need like matches, knife, batteries, medicines, flashlight, bandages, wound cleanser, sanitizer etc. Familiarize yourself with the surrounding areas before you leave for the trip. Look up the details of camping sites on Indian tourism websites before embarking on your trip. Inform your family and friends about your trip and provide them with useful details.

  1. Hygiene

Maintaining a good hygiene is beneficial. Make sure to clean your hands before and after consuming food. Availability of water near the campsite may not be necessary, depending on the area you’re camping in. Camping near lakes in Himalayan regions or Rishikesh etc., might help in this regard while in places like Rajasthan or Gujarat, water is a severe limitation. It’s better and easier to carry a good sanitizer for this purpose. Scented lotions, perfumes etc. will attract bugs and insects so instead it is advisable to carry unscented lotions. Always keep the campsite clean and do not litter around. Wild animals might get attracted towards garbage so effective garbage disposal is crucial. Kids tend to be very active during activities like camping. Make sure they practice healthy habits during this time. Teaching them basic lessons on hygiene during camping will be helpful to them for a long time.

  1. Stay Close to Base

Venturing out to explore the surrounding areas might seem like a good and daring thing to do but it’s done best when the campsite is still within visibility. Camping in or near forest areas, like the western ghats, can be a wonderful experience but at the same time stepping out at night for a long walk or a stroll through the woods might be bad idea. As experienced campers will tell you, don’t go too far. It’s a very good advice to start your camping trip with. Always keep a map or a GPS device and a compass handy. In case of camping with kids and pets, keep them close while letting them have fun and experiencing nature at the same time. Teach them how to use a flashlight, GPS and compass in case of emergencies. Advise them not to explore the campsite without supervision.

  1. Packing up

Pack your gear carefully, keeping the wet separated from the dry items. Do not leave behind your garbage. Indian government has been taking steps to ensure cleanliness everywhere and you can contribute to the cause by ensuring that you play your part. Take everything with you and dispose it off later. Avoid polluting fresh water by using soap or other chemicals. Avoid giving food to the animals as it can turn hazardous. They are perfectly capable of fending for themselves.

With these tips in mind, you can make camping a beautiful experience and enjoy nature to the fullest. Head to India’s most beloved camping locations and have a blast.

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