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A Sneek Peek At China’s Best Travel Destinations


China is a country which boasts of a large population which equates to 1/5 of the world population. In addition to this population, and a rich culture, the country too has a great history which dates back to many centuries ago, making it an ideal travel destination for most people across the globe. The country welcomes thousands of tourists each year, turning it into a tourist hot-spot. To understand why many tourists flock the country there is a need to look at the top travel destinations in the country and the features they contain which qualify them for tourists’ attractions sites. All this information has been outlined right below.

The Great Wall of China

This site secures itself a place in the list of top wonders of the world, which are manmade. Its 5000 kms long. It played an important role during the Chinese revolution. It was built to separate the civilized Chinese from the barbarians from the north parts. Some parts of the wall are made of mud. Most tourists enjoy visiting and viewing the original, ruined sections of the wall.

A Sneek Peek At China’s Best Travel Destinations

Mountain Everest

It is the highest mountain in the world making it a major tourist attraction site. At the base of the mountain are the yaks and an ethnic group called Sherpa which draws a large tourists’ attention. Mountain hiking activities are practiced at the mountain for as high as you wish to go. Still, there are slopes around the mountain which are fun to climb.

The Terracotta Army

This site is located in the city of Xian. It houses thousands of life size figures made from pottery, which were modeled after the Terracotta warriors who reigned during that era. There are Qin Shi Huang’s horses modeled from pottery. Each of the above models weighs up to 3000 kgs. The models are arranged in rows similar to these of a battle formation.


The city holds Shanghai museum The city holds an interesting history where western nations forcefully used it to trade drugs, the major one being opium.

Shanghai tower

Shanghai tower

Other major attractions include the Yu gardens and Bazaar. Xi’an The city served as a capital to 11 dynasties for over four thousand years. It has walls which are 14km long. Within the city, there are located many pagodas and temples The city hosts the famous Shaanxi History Museum.

The Silk Road

This is an ancient 3000 km long road located between China and central Asia. It is a bus/train route spreading from Xi’an to Kashgar.

The Great Wall Of China

The Great Wall Of China

Along the way, you can be privileged to view some sections of the Great Wall of China. You can enjoy the bird watching lake- Qinghai Hu. As the road cuts through Taklimakan desert, you will view the scorching sands of this desert. The eight-century cave exhibiting Buddhist art is also view-able as you reach Dunghuand, which is located along the Silk Road.

The Li River Scenery

The river flows southeast, from the northeast of Guilin state and passes through 4 other states, the last one being Wulin. The river has amazing hills caves and cliffs that draw thousands of tourists every year. The above top places in China are enough evidence that china is worth paying visit to. Click here to get more, first hand information about other places in the world that have stunning features and are worth your visiting.

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