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Bali: Yoga & Spirituality Hideaway


Most of our days are spent working and stressing out. With no time to relax many people need a break from everything. We need to refill out batteries and let our mind wander a little instead of worrying all day. Everybody needs to spend a couple of days in paradise. Well it doesn’t get much closer to paradise than the tropical island of Bali. This exotic island is also known as the mecca for yoga, and many people go there to relax, practice yoga, meditate and simply relax themselves and forget about everyday worries.

Why Bali

According to many, you won’t find friendlier and nicer people than the people from Bali. They will greet you in the best way possible, tourists are most welcome and no demand is too much for them. Most locals will go out of their way to make tourists feel comfortable and help them embrace the culture of the island. You can experience the traditional way of living in Bali on every step. The island had more than 20,000 temples all around.

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There are many festivals and ceremonies all year round, visitors can dance to traditional music and try the local cuisine. Every piece of Bali is breathtaking. The rice terraces, active volcanos, caves, tropical forests and its coastline with the sandy beaches are simply stunning. Tourists will have a chance to relax and open up to the spirit of the island.

Piece of paradise

The whole culture of Bali is very dedicated to finding peace, harmony and enjoying life. This amazing island has a great number of holiday retreats whose sole purpose is to help you relax and experience every aspect of Bali culture. These health retreats offer many things that attract tourists. Visit yoga classes every day, explore the depths of the crystal clear sea, ride an elephant, take a walk to some of the many holy temples. There are many ways in which tourists can experience this sacred island. The locals are in touch with their spiritual side, they pray daily and handcraft offerings.


Bali is also known as the mecca of yoga, the mental and spiritual discipline that originated in India. Yoga is a big part of Bali, especially in Ubud. In the retreats you can take yoga classes every day, and tune your physical, emotional and spiritual self. This ancient art will help you relax and forget about your everyday worries while finding your inner peace and finding deeper connection with others. These classes are held by yoga masters, who dedicated their life to perfecting this spiritual healing craft. Some of these retreats also allow people to get yoga certification, so you can teach your own yoga class.

Spiritual Healing

When in Bali, something you simply have to experience are the so called sound healings. You will be “bathed” in sound by traditional Tibetan bowls, numerous voices and Balinese acoustic instruments while you are taken on a ride that will put your mind at ease and relax your body. Another way to grow spiritually is to dance. Embrace the spirit of Bali through motions while dancing to traditional Balinese music. These dance classes are also easy to find in the city of Ubud. Take a walk through the rice fields. These places are some of the most peaceful on the island. You can even rent a Javanese joglo and spend a night in the rice field.

This variety of experiences gives Bali a unique look, and attracts tourists from around the globe. This exotic island allows you to get in touch with your inner self, and grow spiritually while immersing yourself in the culture of the island and taking in everything Bali has to offer.

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