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TajMahal ‘A Symbol of Eternal Love and Beauty’

Agra, a beautiful city located 200km away from the capital of India, Delhi. Agra has a rich historical background which is amply evident from the numerous historical monuments in & around the city built by the Mughals such as Agra Fort, BulandDarwaza, FatehpurSikri, Sikandra and one of the seven wonders the TajMahal. Mughals came to […]


5 reasons for Taj Mahal to be the first choice of tourists to see in India.

In this article, we are going to know that why Taj Mahal is the first choice of foreign tourists to See in India. There are several reasons behind this fact which are explained down below in this article one by one. The very first fact is that it was previously the UNESCO’s world heritage site […]


Top 10 Places to Visit in India For Story Writers

Every author needs a perfect setting to give his best work. Now Stephen King might prefer the confines of his basement room with no windows to give us bestsellers, but other authors seldom prefer such places and would rather be somewhere calm, serene and beautiful to transport us into their make-believe world.


Top 7 Astonishing Spots for Kayaking in India

Kayaking is an invigorating experience fit for anyone with a love for water sports. There are basically two types of kayaking: whitewater kayaking, here one paddle their way through rapids and the ocean kayaking that is more laid back. Kayaking is still a budding sport in India. Despite that, the many perennial flows in India […]


Wild Ass and Little Rann of Kutch

In our great country India we are very rich due to wide variety of wildlife animals across different geographies. In actual, wildlife prosperity is the gift given by the creator. One such creation “wild ass” is found only in the little rann of Kutch, Gujarat across India. Moreover this animal is not found anywhere else across […]


Reasone Behind India Become Travellers Paradise

India is one of the best countries in the world for travelers. Its unique beauty and significant locations in various places make India the best travelers spot. Along with this there are few more reasons takes places to make India as one of the best tourists spot.


Wildlife Expedition at Sariska National Park

Travelling is a leisure some activity where people spend in bulk only to allow them a comfortable stay, engage in exotic dining and experience an adventurous tour.  Esteemed to be one of the most visited Tiger Reserve, Sariska National Park is one such place that offers to fulfil your expectations of an exploratory tourism.


10 Budget Stays at the Best Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

India is the god’s own country. Incredible India it is when we talk about different cultures, traditions, customs and protocols under one roof. India has a very rich and deep history which goes as far as thousands of years back. Every state of this incredible nation has its own story and history. Several kings ruled […]