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Cool Your Jets in Shimla This Summer Holiday


As the summer shows no signs of respite, Shimla is where most of the tourists are headed. If you have not planned your escape into the hills yet, it is time to put your holiday leave balance to best use. Read on to know why.

Summer is around and the way the mercury is rising, a respite is simply months away. So, how do you beat the heat this summer? Well, the best way is to begin where the heat-chase starts falling and the cool surroundings pick up. Begin with the soothing Shimla. Arrive at Chandigarh by train or flight and then hire a Chandigarh to Shimla taxi. The road trip from Chandigarh to Shimla is amazing in itself and with a driver to take you places while you enjoy soft music and halt for refreshments on the way is something that would perk you up in no time.

Nature blesses you in many ways

Nature is a therapy for the senses, mind, and body if you consider it . It is what you turn to when you need a thorough healing from the day-to-day affairs. Many of those who love to travel, long for the proximity of nature. As soon as the Chandigarh to Shimla taxi drops you at your destination, you would start realizing this. Shimla is a hill station truly blessed by nature. In winters, it is draped in sheets of snow, which gives it an angelic look. In summers, it is an Elysium full of warming sunshine and cool breeze.

Welcome to a calm paradise

Dotted with colorful houses around, the place seems like one beautiful paradise. Thick woods, scattered waterfalls, and the swift wind make it a cherishable experience in Shimla. When you arrive in Shimla, it makes you feel as if one of your dreams just descended on earth, bringing with it a picturesque hill town that could otherwise remain a part of the imagination only.

Cool your jets in Shimla this summer holiday

Snow Shimla Tour

A summer spent in Shimla is bliss

If you visit Shimla during the months of December and January, the freezing air and mist can sometimes seem a bit harsh for your taste, especially when you are not used to it. But come summers, Shimla is the perfect escape for the people of the plains, no heat wave or scorching sun to threaten your solace. In addition, a perfect gift of greenery around makes your stay a bliss in every true sense. This sounds like a reason enough to pull in a large magnitude of tourists to Shimla, and why not!

Cool your jets in Shimla this summer holiday

Enjoying Shimla Via Train

A brush with history

Shimla wasn’t always a widely known summer destination, despite being geographically close to Delhi. Bounded by Kullu and Mandi on its sides, this holiday haven was first declared the summer capital of the British India in 1864. Sooner, the British grew so fond of its climate that they slowly started building a city in the dense forests. Colonial architecture can be witnessed even today in the many churches and buildings that have stood the test of time.

Mall Road — All itineraries begin here

Come to think of it, almost all the personal anecdotes and travel stories related to Shimla mention the Mall Road. In any case, the Mall Road is a historic place, a legendary zone of the hill town. It used to house clubs, diners, offices, banks, hotels, pubs, etc. during the old British times. It is still the commercial area of Shimla and broadly famous, too. From the Mall Road, the view of the valley is as magnificent as you can imagine. A time spent at a cafe on the Mall Road in Shimla is like indulging in a reverie that has been neatly weaved at a spectacular viewing point on a hill. The Mall Road is your unforgettable and privileged experience of the Shimla of all times, gone and present.

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Popular attractions and tourist spot in Shimla

Visit the many attractions and spots that await you in Shimla. Explore the Alpine-covered Jakhoo Hill stretch and the Hanuman temple it is famous for; check out the Viceroy Lodge and the Christ Church; get aboard on the Himalayan Queen on the Kalka-Shimla railway line; have fun at Asia’s largest natural ice skating rink, and enjoy a sunny day at the Summer Hills or the Chadwick Fall.

Besides all this, you can also explore other scenic places to visit around Shimla, such as Kufri and Chail. Made up your mind yet? Plan a nice travel itinerary to return with the best experiences of Shimla and the places around. Have a nice tour!


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