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Etawah Wildlife Safari Park – Familiarity With Lion Safari In India


Etawah Wildlife Safari Park is the upcoming wildlife safari park located in the Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, India. The Wildlife Safari Park is in the hometown of incumbent Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav. The park is designed with the inspiration of the Longleat Safari Park, England. Therefore, the Uttar Pradesh will be having the new version of the famous Longleat Safari Park, London. Etawah Wildlife Safari Park is sighted with the ostrich and it is about to be filed with many number of wild animals. The state government is planning for the Lion safari in the park so that it will be quite efficient for attracting many people across the world. The Park is built in the bigger dimension with the most attracting animals and plants so that it will be quite efficient for increasing the better nature location. Even though the opening of the safari park is not yet announced, most of the people like to view the beautiful animals in the Etawah Wildlife Safari Park.

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Some of the animals that are sighted in the Etawah Wildlife Safari Park are ostriches, zebras and many more, which will be quite an interesting to watch. Most people like to view the Etawah wildlife safari park and getting more ideas about the animals and plants. Wildlife parks will be useful for adding more attraction in the lion safari in the better manner. Lion Safari in Etawah wildlife safari park is the dream project for the former Chief Minister Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav. The state government plans also plans for developing many other wildlife animals and maintains the park neatly.

Attractive Enclosures:

Etawah wildlife safari park has many closure for the elephants, tigers, zebras, cheetahs, swamp deer and many others. Each of the enclosure will be spread with more than 50 hectares, which will be having the fencing along electronic tapes. One of the best advantages that the visitors can enjoy in Etawah wildlife safari park is viewing all kinds of animals and plants driving through these enclosures. The facilities in the parks are built with complete safe option so that it will be easier for increasing the entertainment in the best manner. Etawah Wildlife Safari Park is built with Rs 25 crore in the wide 150 hectares and the main objective is to enhance the attractive features in the park. All the visitors can easily view the animals in many different enclosures, which will be quite interesting.

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