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Extraordinary Facts About Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve


Exploring Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve – Tadoba Jeep Safari

Most of the wild lovers want to visit outstanding and suitable national park in order to spend their vacation in an excellent manner. There are wide array of national parks available in this modern world, but few of them bring you matchless experience and great fun. If you wish to know about the exclusive and most popular national park, you can follow the passage properly. While speaking about Tadoba national park, it is one of the most popular and excellent national park which is located in the greatest Chandrapur District of Maharashtra.

tadoba-andhari national park - tadoba jeep safari

Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve

The TATR (Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve) is one of the biggest reserved jungle areas in the Maharashtra, along with an entire loan of approximately 625.4 sq km. This excellent tiger reserve includes famous Tadoba National Park, developed in the year of 1955 along with the total land of 116.55 sq km.

Confirm Tadoba Jeep Safari and Enjoy the Tiger sighting

tadoba jeep safari

Special Attractions Of Tadoba

The Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary or park created in the year of 1986 which are covering the total land of 508.85 sq km. The remaining portion of this forested land forms the buffer and fringes zones. The most popular and beautiful Andhari River roam through this excellent forest so it is popularly known as Tadoba Andhari.

tadoba jeep safariThe excellent tiger reserve not only includes some attractions, but also allows you to explore the beauty of wetlands, numerous lakes, and stunning dam of the Andhari River. These are the exclusive attractions that bring you more enjoyment and fun.

tadoba jeep safariJungle safari is one of the finest attractions of this Tadoba Wilderness, which bring you more thrilling experience and huge enjoyment. The internet is a suitable medium where you can get huge details about the national park and its jungle safari.

Plan Your Trip In An Advance Manner with Tadoba Jeep Safari

The Tadoba Jeep safari vehicles are extremely comfortable and safe so it allows you to enjoy your visit without any issues. Tadoba-Andhari Tiger reserve is a stunning and endless wealth trove of countless species of plants, grasses and trees. The bamboo trees are the dominant resources that really accounts for above 60% of the entire forest. Along with this, this wonderful wilderness also covered by the sal, the foves and broad-leafed of jamun. The great wildlife includes sloth bears, nilgai, tigers, sloth bears, leopards, jackals, sambar, gaur, wild dogs, hyenas, cheetal, barking deer and 2 rare species. If you like to see this rare and amazing species, you should plan your visit during a right time duration. The proper plan helps you to explore the beauty of entire wilderness without any hassles. Remember you must have Confirm Tadoba jeep safari when you are planning to explore Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve with the best tadoba tour package

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