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Hotel Vanya Mahal Ranthambore – The Best Hotel To Enjoy Luxurious Facilities


The Vanya Mahal Ranthambore is one of the best and the luxurious hotel in the Ranthambhore. The great architecture and the old traditions are used to build our hotel. We are offering our service for our customers with the trusted and loyal form which will help to get offer the best services to our customers. Our services are available for the quality form even though we are offering our service with the reasonable prices.

Vanya Mahal was built like a dream weaved with the great Rajasthani architecture and essence of its age old traditions. This combined with its strategic location in the outskirts of Ranthambhore National Park, gives the hotel best of both the worlds, the ‘Wild’ and the ‘Luxury’.

The dream of our Promoters was to build a Palace where the guests cold relive the grandeur of the Indian Royalties of the old age Rajasthan. Every brick of the palace has been strategically placed so as to capture that feeling of being present in the era of the Maharajas.

Vanya Mahal Hotel Ranthambore - Cottage

Vanya Mahal Hotel Ranthambore – Cottage

Vanya Mahal Hotel Ranthambore - Feel Comfortable & Luxury Stay

Vanya Mahal Hotel Ranthambore – Feel Comfortable & Luxury Stay

Vanya Mahal Hotel Ranthambore - Inside of Rajputana Tent

Vanya Mahal Hotel Ranthambore – Inside of Rajputana Tent

Vanya Mahal Hotel Ranthambore - Rajputana Tents

Vanya Mahal Ranthambore – Rajputana Tents

Vanya Mahal Hotel Ranthambore - Superior Room

Superior Room Of Vanya Mahal Ranthambore

Vanya Mahal Hotel Ranthambore

Vanya Mahal Ranthambore

If you are searching for the best hotel in the Ranthambore means the Hotel Vanya Mahal is the perfect location to stay for you in the National Park. The facilities are present in the luxurious form such as

  • Swimming pool
  • Ball room
  • Conference room
  • Fitness center
  • Spa room

Swimming Pool:

We are offering the large swimming pool for our customers. The swimming pool surrounds lots of romantic places and the dinner places. You can the drinks after get the swimming.

Ball Room:

The ball room offer wonderful facilities to the customers. There are lots of room available which will help to stay for more than the 500 people. The spacious ball rooms help to get the best facilities to the customers.

Conference Hall:

The conference hall is very large and creates lots of meetings in a day. This will be comfortable for the professional can create the meeting at the day time and also for the night time. The conference hall is fully air conditioned.

Fitness Center:

Most of the people daily go for the gym to maintain their body properly. For this reason we are offering the Gym for our customers. The weight less machines and the weight machines are available which will be suitable for both the men and the women.

Spa Center:

The spa center offers the refreshment, fresh, energize and balance the body. You can get the massage and all the type of the health care facilities in the spa. The massage therapies are offered for neck, body, shoulder and some of the other kinds of the places.

For booking the Vanya Mahal Ranthambore hotel booking is very simple, there are no extra procedures available for the booking. You can book our hotel for any time in a day by visiting our online website. The luxurious facilities, quality foods and trusted services are offered for our customers. Our services are exceeds the expectations of the customers. Our main goal is to offer the premium quality services with the affordable prices.


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