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Implement of Tatkal scheme in Ranthambore National Park


The beauty of a big cat is always mesmerizing. Once seen, you can’t take your eyes off from this majestic creature.

Ranthambore National Park is one such place, which is ideally located in Rajasthan. If you are planning for Wildlife Tour India, then it becomes quintessential to gain the experience of the dessert and tiger together. Number of visitors plan different tour packages at the last moment and face the huge disappointment when not able to book the same. To deal with this problem, the management comes out with the idea of Tatkal Scheme.

The scheme is generally initiated by the Rajasthan Government and instantly becomes a major hit among most of the tourists. Because of this, the government has been able to collect the huge amount of revenue till date. As per the scheme, those who cannot book the tickets on time are eligible to book the tickets. Under this plan, a fixed number of gypsys are kept vacant for the emergency time.

In term of revenue collection, Ranthambore National Park is counted amongst the top. The increased revenue attributes in increasing the population of the tigers. There are some points that have to be taken care while booking as per Tatkal scheme.

  • The rates are decided as per the individual basis.
  • If in case you cancel the booking, no refund will be given back.
  • There are no fees for normal camera, but those who are carrying the video camera have to pay certain amount.

The full day safari brings you a great and thrilling experience. You can also take the advantages of eco-shelter facilities where the guests can wait and start their safari experience. Wildlife Tour Package India has proven to be a great addition to the national park and also helpful in regulating the crowd of visitors while earning great revenue.

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