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TajMahal ‘A Symbol of Eternal Love and Beauty’


Agra, a beautiful city located 200km away from the capital of India, Delhi. Agra has a rich historical background which is amply evident from the numerous historical monuments in & around the city built by the Mughals such as Agra Fort, BulandDarwaza, FatehpurSikri, Sikandra and one of the seven wonders the TajMahal. Mughals came to India in 15 century and Akbar made Agra capital of his empire. And the era of Mughal Marble Inlay Art and architecture began. Agra had one of the finest specimens of Mughals Art and architectures in the country. Shah Jahan, the 5 Mughals Emperor marked the zenith of Mughal architecture, when he built the TajMahal in the memory of his beloved wife MumtazMahal.Mughals such as Agra Fort, BulandDarwaza, FatehpurSikri, Sikandra and one of the seven wonders the TajMahal

It took 22 years and the labour of 22000 workers. Including masons, stonecutters, inlayers, carvers, painters, calligraphers, Dome builders and others artisans called on from all over the central Asia to construct the monument. And now count among the seven wonders of the world and famously became the symbol of love. The TajMahal is perhaps the most famous example of Mughal architecture combining Indian, Persian and Islamic Influences. Its exterior is decorated with Inlay Art with as many 28 different varieties of semi-precious and precious stones. The Inlay Art also is known as Parchinkari at the TajMahal is one of the finest art examples of Mughal Era. In TajMahal, graceful stones inlay work includes three major elements, calligraphy of Quran quotes Geometrical Shapes & Floral designs. The same art exists in the streets of Agra. The artisans who work on Parchinkari are the direct descendants of the artisans. Pietra-dura called Parchinkari in Agra is decorative art term for the inlay technique of using art and fitted, highly polished to create beautiful images, patterns, and designs. In our workshop, each masterpiece passes through various stages of creation. First, the marble panel is divided into a symmetrical shape. This entire drawing is traced on a brass sheet which is cut out accurately to make templates of every component of the designs. Now gems are selected such as coral, turquoise, tiger eye, lapis lazuli, malachite, jade etc. to create an effect which is equivalent to paintings with hard stones. With the help of highly skilled artisans, the shape of the selected gemstone is done on a hard driven tool known as ‘’SAAN-N – KAMANA”. Once accomplished the work is transferred to the next set of artisans who specializes is settings of these gems in marble.

Mughals such as Agra Fort, BulandDarwaza, FatehpurSikri, Sikandra and one of the seven wonders the TajMahal

TajMahal ‘A Symbol of Eternal Love and Beauty’

Using hand-held chicles, the great master engraves the marble with great care to make grooves which corresponds exactly with the gems-stones. Now using the secret glue, the gems stones are inlaid in specific grooves created for every individual pattern. Finally, the finished product is passed to the polishing specialist, the surface and edges of it are polished to give the shiny finish. Different colour bases such as Green Marble. Black Marble is also used to give a distinct look. Inlay Marble Crafts is the house of the art and exquisite Mughal Inlay artefacts handcrafted by master artisans. Inlay Marble Crafts has been established with the vision to preserve this unique indigenous art form to provide livelihood to the artisans to promote it among the art lovers of the world. In effect, when you take home Mughal Marble Inlay artefacts from Inlay Marble Crafts, you own authenticate that this piece is created by the master, specialist craftsmen who have learned this art right from the cradle. We bring you the authentic Mughal art from very own city of Taj to your home.

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