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Tips for First Time Traveler in Thailand


If you are travelling to Thailand for the first time and wish to ensure yourself a fun and convenient trip, you can consider the following travel pointers.

Legality of Entry

Thailand permits travellers with a passport from 48 nations to visit the country without getting a visa to enjoy the country`s tourism. They can stay for over 30 days for every visit. This no-visa list includes Canada, Belgium, Australia, Finland, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, USA, UK, Sweden, Spain, Norway and many more. You can make a Google search for the complete list to know if you need to obtain a visa or not.

Things to Pack

When having a voyage Thailand, it is important to pack swimsuits and clothing that can fit a weather of 28 to 33 degrees. You should not forget to bring an umbrella in case it will rain there. Always pay first for chairs and beach games when you wish to take part in them. Personal stuffs such as toothbrush, medicines and toothpaste must be packed unless you booked a five-star hotel as this will provide these times to you.

Bring slippers, sandals or flat shoes that you are used to. It is not advisable to wear new foot wear. Make sure that you put on modest clothes when you visit the Golden Pagoda, Grand Place and Wat Phra Kaew. The clothing must cover your shoulders. Wearing sandals is a no-no and your dress must have enough length to cover your knees.  Bring a small bag where you can store your cash and passport. This should not be left in your hotel room if you don`t want it to be stolen.

Shopping in Thailand

Bargaining is permitted in Thailand if you buy in the market or shop unless the seller has an employee ID card. If you brought a calculator, bargaining would be quite convenient so you can avoid issues related to language differences. In Bangkok, you can purchase household items and home appliances at reasonable prices while electrical items can be quite pricey.

It is entertaining to shop in the country; however, you need to visit various shops so that you can compare prices especially when you wish to buy precious gems and jewellery. All shops have price tags; however, you have to bargain from 10 percent up to 40 percent cheaper than what is originally priced. Do not forget to take the receipt every time you buy something in shops and check it before you leave. Reputed stores will surely allow customers to return unwanted products up to 90 days. It`s better to go to another store when a store does not set this policy in place.

Places to Shop in Bangkok

Bangkok has been known for having the best things to shop when you travel in Thailand. The following are some places you can shop items from.

  • Central World Plaza– This developed centre has over 500 stores, 21 cinemas, 50 restaurants, playground for children, 2 huge shopping sites and Asia`s largest supermarket.
  • Central Chidlom– This is Bangkok`s one of the largest shopping centres that offer items ranging from the most affordable to priciest including all types of jewellery, clothing and electronics as well as entertainment venues.
  • Siam Paragon– This site has the largest stores, widest shopping places and the biggest cinemas. This is considered as Bangkok`s shopping heaven.

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