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Top 10 Best Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in the World 2016


The wedding must have been really hectic for you both, but it’s time to enjoy the after marriage phase.  What can be better than going to honeymoon with the most special person of your life? Of-Course nothing can be more divine and romantic than that. But to make the honeymoon more happening you need to choose one from the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the world.

To make your search easier here are the top 10 romantic honeymoon destinations in the world you definitely would love visiting with your better half by availing the RedBus.


Great place, great weather and affordable stay, that’s Florida for you. That’s not all, you get plenty of activities to do with your partner.florida-honeymoon-destinations-in-the-world-2016

What’s hot-Visit South Beach for its nightlife or enjoy a relaxing spa at the Amelia Island Plantation.


Aqua blue water and a beautiful golden beaches are what Bahamas all about. Here you will get a chance to indulge in unlimited water funs with your beloved.bahamas-honeymoon-destinations-in-the-world-2016

What’s hot– Don’t miss out on the dinner at Graycliff in Nassau. It gives you the feeling of a café like that from the movie Casablanca.


Tropical beaches, dry climate and an island with intense color are what makes Jamaica special for the honeymooners and newly-weds.jamaica-honeymoon-destinations-in-the-world-2016

What’s hot– Don’t miss out on the dinner at a houseboat creating a romantic atmosphere. Looking for a couple activity? Try swimming, diving.


Looking for a sun and shade type honeymoon experience, Aruba is the place for you. Its divine atmosphere creates the right ambience to brew your love.aruba-honeymoon-destinations-in-the-world-2016

What’s hot– Dinner at the restaurant overlooking the Caribbean sea or Marandi Windows for the flying fish caviar or so.


Hawaii is the perfect destination for romance and love. No wonder this is the place for your dream honeymoon which you have always desired.hawaii-honeymoon-destinations-in-the-world-2016

What’s hot– Enjoy the couples massage at the Na Hoola Spa or a perfect date with your love at the St. Regis Resort.

Bora Bora

Eye-catching emerald water and white-washed sandy beaches make up Bora Bora as the perfect honeymoon place for the lovebirds.bora-bora-honeymoon-destinations-in-the-world-2016

What’s hot– A jet ski ride or a boat ride watching sunset holding hands can’t be missed. Explore the blue lagoon on a canoe.


The mystic water and lush greens in Fiji makes it a top honeymoon destination across the globe. Enjoy windsurfing and scuba diving till your heart’s content.fiji-honeymoon-destinations-in-the-world-2016

What’s hot-Surfing the reef brakes is what you must do. Love music? Visit the Traps Bar and Bad Dog Café for a drink with your love.


Looking for a moonlight walk on the streets with your newly wedded love? Italy is for super romantic lovers like you.

italy-honeymoon-destinations-in-the-world-2016What’s hot– Revisit childhood with your partner by riding bicycles throughout the city. Don’t forget to take the wine tour as well.


Spending time on a private jacuzzi facing the ocean is a dream come true for all lovers. This is what you experience when you visit Mexico.mexico-honeymoon-destinations-in-the-world-2016

What’s hot-Enjoy deep sea fishing with one another or take a go inside a  roofless room that faces the ocean.


Warm sea, hot sun, beautiful locales and the loved one beside you makes Greece a favorite honeymoon spot. It is divine in its appearance and offers all you might ask for!greece-honeymoon-destinations-in-the-world-2016

What’s hot– Spend time on a rooftop café or walk miles with one another. Want to take pleasure of nightlife? Athens has the best nightlife to offer.

With that, these are the top 10 honeymoon destinations across the globe. Each has its own specialty and charm that make you want to stay there forever. So, decide which one you would like to visit and get ready to make unforgettable memories.

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