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Travel Agent verses the Internet


Service, Experienced knowledge, Interviews, you for your travel style, recommends travel providers in good standing and travel products based on your travel needs and requests. That is what you get when you use a travel agent verses the Internet ?

It seems that the general public is not aware of the difference of booking with a Travel Agent verses booking travel over the Internet. Yes, you can spend hours upon hours searching the multitude of travel websites looking for that prefect “deal” to your desired travel destination. And some of you will be shaking your heads when I say after these hours and hours of research you either never book or you are so confused at the hundreds of options that you do not know what to book. You say to yourself – About Travel Agent verses the Internet.

  1. Is this a decent hotel?
  2. Is it located where I want to be?
  3. Is it in a safe area?
  4. Will the food be good if it is an ALL Inclusive
  5. Will the adult beverages be call liquor or will it be Rail liquor?
  6. Is everything I want included?
  7. Is this a good resort for my family?
  8. Can I get my family of 6 in a room?
  9. Do I need a Valid Passport?

Here is Travel Agent verses the Internet!

And this is just the beginning. You get the picture. The Internet site does not respond to your questions, you have to play seek and find to hopefully get answers and an Internet site will not give you feed back if this is really what it seems to be.

A Travel Professional is a human being with experience and valuable knowledge that answers your questions as you ask them. Travel Professionals provide knowledge, experience and most of all we are there for you should you have travel issues before, during and after your travel trip.

Let me first cover the wide term “deal”. With today’s rising fuel costs, more and more travel providers are imposing fuel supplement charges to make up for the increasing cost of fuel. Both airlines and cruise lines are charging added fees to cover this growing increase in cost. Airfare makes or break your “deal”. Most travel destinations have seasons – high, shoulder and low. The “deals” that Internet site flashes before you are prices for the off season and based on airfare prices that exact moment when you are plucking away for your search. Airfare prices change several times a day. You can see an airfare and one hour later that “great deal” was only for one seat and you need two or more. Or those seats have now sold to another consumer OR the airline has just updated their traffics and now they have pulled that price from the tariff and it is no longer offered. Wildlife and National park like; Dudhwa tour package is based on dates of travel. To my knowledge there is not an Internet site out there where you can put in a date range (Try the window of 1 to two months, a common response when I ask for “when do you wish to travel) and have it give you the “deals”. Even travel professionals do not have this magic system to pull up “deals” for a range of dates. Everything is date driven and what makes deals is if you are getting a deal on the airfare. Or they offer an air schedule that is double connections since it prices to make the deal.

As I have mentioned in my other articles a Approved Travel Consultant/Agent are paid by the travel vendor not by the consumer. We entrust when working on a lead that the consumer wishes to use our services to have the research, booking and travel support once you start your trip. If we spend hours and hours researching and providing knowledgeable information to not get the sale – the Travel Professional has now lost time and that means money. This unprofitable lead has taken our availability away from other callers/travelers that have no desire to shop the “Net” and entrust our services to provide narrowed down options based on dates of travel and budget.

It seems the general public hates to give a budget, they feel if they show their cards the Travel Professional will spend every dime. Do you know why we ask for a budget? Having the traveler’s desired budget allows us to quickly asses if the destination you are inquiring about is a realistic budget for that destination. Budgets also allow us to advise if you can get a 7 night vacation or if we need to scale back to 4 nights in order to meet your budget. You will be hard pressed to find an Internet travel site that will give you this kind search.

Travel Dates Are The Key

Give the dates you can travel and a good experienced Travel Professional will check a window before and after your dates to see if those dates might price out lower. Again, the package deals will be based on what the cost of the air.

I am the first to admit you can find deals on the Net. If you are not looking for service and price is all that matters then the Net is for you. If you want the research, options presented to you that meet your travel dates and travel style requirements, then a Travel Professional is for you. When you use a Travel Professional you build a trusting relationship and you can depend on having the support before, during and after your trip. Travel Professionals are seeking those clients/travelers that do not have time to devote to researching, planning and booking their travel needs. Travel Professionals save you time, money and provide you travel support in today’s world of Airline passenger abuse, crazy weather patterns and an automated world that will never provide service.

Find a Approved Travel operator you can build a relationship with and you can trust she/he will recommend jungle safari tour packages and find the deal once you give the dates you can and want to travel.


  1. Ronak Toshniwal

    I Prefer Internet Over travel agents as you have wide verity of options for hotels and transportation as i have had bad experience with travel agent and also can travel to all places properly and accommodation are also pretty bad and got to know later that travel agent itself had never been to any tourist spot in past but providing services for people.
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