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Travel guide for Tiger safari


India is the country known for its rich wildlife treasure and the tiger is one among them. The country has many wildlife national parks and is the home for half of the world’s tiger population. Now, it is sad to hear that tigers in India plummeted from an estimate of one lakh a decade ago to 1700 now. Tigers are known o be extremely elusive. Thanks to Indian national park system that allows the common man to explore natural wildlife beauty with great pleasure. If you feel that your desire to see the tiger cannot be compromised, you can better off at the national park that is surrounded by tiger reserves. 

Sariska Tiger Reserve is one such national park that is located in Rajasthan, a state of India to make your dream come true. The area is surrounded by Aravali hills establishing scenic natural beauty to visitors.  In fact, it is a wonderful experience to see the rarest wildlife animals in its natural habitat. The best time to explore the wildlife tour package offered by Sariska is March to May as it will easy to spot the big cat during this season.

What can you expect to see in tiger safari?

You can see royal tigers rest peacefully beside the stream, female tiger cuddling with babies. You can explore natural habitat of the royal animal of the country at a closer look. This tiger safari at Sariska is worth witnessing for all the wildlife tour lovers across the world. There will be no private vehicles available; the park management makes arrangements for sariska jeep safari in the forest for tiger spotting. on the contrary, if you are moving through your travel agent, the movement of the vehicle is strictly monitored to ensure that it does interfere with animal movement in the park.

Travel Tips for tiger safari

If you are moving to  Sariska national park to enjoy tiger safari, make sure that you book everything well in advance so that you don’t miss anything in the adventurous trip as a limited number of jeeps will be allowed into the park. This is done to ensure there is no disturbance to wildlife inhabitant in the park. Booking the tiger safari well in advance will give you company of an experienced guide who has good interest in nature.  Tiger safari booking at Sariska national park includes everything right from your hotel accommodation to delicious food serving. In addition to tiger safari, the nature lovers have something more to explore in this package You can see a rare species of birds in this Sariska regions as part of wildlife explosion.

Sariska Jeep Safari

Sariska Jeep Safari

The place is perfect for both natives and migrants as well. The national park is also known to spot herbivores like spotted deer, blue bull and sambar. The forest is also is also a wonderful spot to visit for the nature lovers with dhoke trees in high density and spots of other trees like salar, Kadaya, Ber & Khair.

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