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Stay Safe on Your Trip with Travel Insurance


If you work overseas in a place like Bahrain, or you travel often, you should have travel insurance.
Travel can present certain challenges such as illness and loss of property or money. Travel insurance helps to cover such challenges.

Travel insurance covers the following categories:

1. Trip cancellation cover

Your trip could get cancelled or delayed as a result of:
• Illness
• Prolonged visa processing
• Personal calendar scheduling conflicts
• Last minute personal emergencies
• Unforeseen calamities such as terrorism and weather emergencies.
In case of cancellation, the travel agency usually refunds only a percentage of the flight costs, especially if the fault lies with you. If you have an existing travel insurance policy, the insurance company will pay the balance.

2. Medical Insurance cover
As you are travelling to a new destination with a climate that you are not used to, you could be susceptible to illness. You could also suffer injuries while on the road to your destination.

Having travel medical insurance will ensure you get the necessary medical assistance. You can get different types of travel insurance based on the length of your trip. Click here to get a quote on travel insurance.

3. Medical Evacuation 
You might venture into remote areas during your travel, and should you get sick and you have no insurance, the out of pocket evacuation expenses could be staggering.
A cover that provides for medical evacuation will get you to medical facilities quickly and efficiently.

4. Death resulting from plane crash or other accidents
Your beneficiaries will get insurance benefits if you are involved in a fatal accident.

Though travel insurance falls into the above general categories, your insurance company could tailor a cover to suit your needs. For instance, if you are travelling for business, you can get a policy that covers your specific business needs.

You can also stay safe on your travel trip with the tips below
Though you will get travel insurance, it is important to observe certain procedures while travelling to ensure you and your property are always safe. Follow the following travel advice:
1. Learn about your travel destination to be better informed about illnesses, areas to avoid, crime rate, accident rate and more. To learn more about Bahrain, read 
RSA Group blog article.
2. Keep up with travel advisories.
3. Make sure key people back home and at the travel destination know about your movements. This makes it easier to track you.
4. Share your phone number with key people so that you can be reached in case of an emergency
5. Make sure you renew your passport prior to travel.
6. Get vaccinated. Do not travel to a destination that has a disease outbreak.
7. If you have special prescriptions that may be hard to find in the destination country, fill out the prescription prior to your trip.
8. Have all your travel requirements to minimize chances of missing your trip, especially your return trip.
9. Have all the necessary travel documents with you all the time. Make extra copies in case you misplace the original ones. Do this for your passport, visas and travel insurance documents.
10. Abide by the laws of the destination country.

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