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Trip To Bird Watching Tour Dudhwa & Indulge with 450+ Birds Species


Wildlife In Dudhwa National Park:

Located along the Indo-Nepal border, this Dudhwa National Park represents the excellent natural grasslands and forests left in Terai Region, Uttar Pradesh. Being the viable home of Royal Bengal Tiger, Dudhwa National Park along with Kishanpur and katerniaghat Wildlife sanctuaries is grouped as Dudhwa Tiger Reserve under the Project Tiger. This terai ecosystem is regarded as the productive habitat of a wide range of fauna and flora as well as obligate species of birds. The fauna commonly found in this national park includes Tiger and leopard along with swamp deer and one horned rhinoceros. This national park is also known for enviable bird life with more than 450 residents and migratory species.

Best Time For Bird Watching:

With Bird Watching Tour Dudhwa, you can explore birds like Orioles, Emerald dove, Indian Pitta, Paradise flycatcher, Woodpeckers, Shama, Serpent eagle, Osprey, Bengal Florican, Fishing eagle, Red Jungle Fowl, Pea fowl and hornbill. The best time to make arrangement for bird watching tour is during winter when the vast and diverse water bodies lure a huge number of migratory birds. So, folks who are passionate about bird watching can visit Dudhwa during winter months. As Dudhwa national park is a marshland, birdlife in this province is prolific and it serves as a natural habitat for migratory birds in the winter. This is an ideal paradise exclusively for bird watchers who want to see swamp partridge and Bengal florican. You can plan for Elephant Safari to explore the forest.


Woodpeckers Picidae - Birds Watching Tour Dudhwa

Woodpeckers – From Picidae Family

Paradise flycatcher - Birds Watching Tour Dudhwa

Paradise flycatcher

orioles - Birds Watching Tour Dudhwa

Orioles Birds

Emerald dove  - Birds Watching Tour Dudhwa

Emerald dove

Indian Pitta - Dudhwa Birds Watching Tour

Indian Pitta

Fishing eagle - Dudhwa Bird watching tour india

Fishing eagle

Red Jungle Fowl - India Birds Watching Tour

Red Jungle Fowl

The Great Indian Hornbill - Bird watching tour dudhwa

The Great Indian Hornbill

Peafowl india -  Bird Watching Tour India

Peafowl – The National Bird Of India

During your Bird Watching Tour Dudhwa, you can also see a huge number of storks and owls. Indian Horned owl, jungle owlet, scops owl, brown wood owl, dusky horned owl, brown fish owl, tawny owl, forest eagle own, etc. are found in abundance in this park. When it comes to storks, you have the opportunity of viewing white necked stork, black necked stork, painted stork, open billed stork, white stork, black stork and adjutant stork. Even this national park is stuffed with diverse colorful birds like oriole, kingfishers, minivets, pitas and sunbirds.

About Elephant Safari:

Elephant Safari - dudhwa national park india

Elephant Safari in Dudhwa National Park

With the Elephant Safari, you will be able to get into the periphery areas of tiger reserve. In fact, you can even travel through the dense forest, rugged trails and deep valleys of Dudhwa national park that offers long lasting memories to the adventure seekers. It is more enjoyable and better to opt for elephant safari than jeep safari in Dudhwa national park.


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    National Park always attracts me, i get amazed to see the natures diversity, your pictures are too good and specially i liked the fishing eagle, the perfection of the eagle while holding the fish in its claws.


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