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Wildlife Expedition at Sariska National Park


Travelling is a leisure some activity where people spend in bulk only to allow them a comfortable stay, engage in exotic dining and experience an adventurous tour.  Esteemed to be one of the most visited Tiger Reserve, Sariska National Park is one such place that offers to fulfil your expectations of an exploratory tourism.

The Sariska National Park & Tiger Reserve is situated in Alwar District in the state of Rajasthan, bounded by the Aravali hills, the oldest mountain range in India. Spread across a sprawling area of 866 sq.kms, Sariska became a Wildlife Sanctuary in the year 1955 and later went on to become a Tiger Reserve in the year 1978. The sight of a tiger coupled with wildlife reserves, proposes to offer a thrilling experience at Sariska. Nature lovers will undeniably fall for the place as it provides enough room to experience nature’s bounty with great scenic charm, rich biodiversity, and veritable visitor satisfaction along with a budgetary accommodation. The Park usually remains dark during extreme summers and exhibits greenery during and after the monsoons. A majority of the total area in the sanctuary is covered with dhok trees. It abounds in a picturesque flora and fauna while remnants of historical monuments leave folks yearning to visit it at least once in their lifetime. Moreover, the dry deciduous type vegetation consists of khair, ber, tendu, surwal and goria.

The park is home to numerous carnivores including leopard, wild dog, jungle cat, hyena, jackal, and tiger. These feed on species such as sambar, chital, nilgai, chausingha, wild boar and langur.  Sariska is also famed for its large population of rhesus monkeys that are found around Talvriksh. One can see a large number of peacocks wandering about the place with their beautiful tail feathers spread out during the cloudy days. Other species of avifauna include red jungle fowl, peafowl, spur fowls, golden-backed woodpeckers, white-breasted kingfishers, quails, partridges, great Indian horned owls, crested serpent eagles, sangrouse, tree pies, drongos, sunbirds parakeets, and vultures. You can spot all the species in the park with lovely booking of sariska tour package.

Besides, an array of flora and fauna, there are other fascinations worth exploring like the adjacent Kankwadi Fort that provides a quaint view of the nearby landscapes and the ancient Shiva Temples where one can discover the ancient ruins of Hindu shrines.

The park remains open all the year round, yet the most appropriate time for its visit is slated between October to April. Your excursion to the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary on a jeep is the best choice for wildlife viewing and photography within the sanctuary. So why waiting for to book a sariska tour package and enjoy the flora and fauna of Sariska National Park.

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