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Welcome Guest Post Bloggers!!

At this time we are featuring guest posts written by guest authors. If you have a great travel story or article you would like to see published on the highlandlakesnews.com blog, then why not get in touch by emailing write@highlandlakesnews.com, briefly outlining what your post would be about.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines:

  • All writing must be your own.
  • All guest posts MUST include at least one photograph, preferably your own or at the very least a photo you have the rights to use. Please provide a release or proof of right if using photographs not your own.
  • Guest Posts must be at least 500 words long.
  • You may include up to 2 links (1st is Do-Follow and 2nd will be No-Follow) back to your own website in article body.
  • Guest Posts must be fun, informative or unique. Guest Posts must be interesting to a wide audience, not just a recap of a fun trip you had with your friends.
  • If you can submit to us in HTLM format, all the better and your guest post will be published faster.
  • And lastly, any work submitted must be 100% unique and not published anywhere else online. We do not publish duplicate content.

if your content fit for our blog it will be live within 24 hours…